Creative. Mindful.

Before we start any project, we think about it from all sides.
We love to produce a special & creative product
Creativity Help us

Wide range of services

Wide range of services will help you to choose the best product
Now! products are more compatible with your imagine
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Production steps

making an idea

Most of times we make ideas to work on them
and sometimes they make us, to work on them !

Finding the best way

We dont want to work on the most easiest way
We are looking for the best quality so, we have to find the best way

Exporting the product

We love to share experience, results and events
We think the cost of worldwide projects is for everyone

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What We Do

Ask a Question

We encourage you to ask your questions or give us your suggestions with a short, simple & helpful form, to make us a better service. we highly recommend you to give us this chance as this service would be yours!

We know tools
We have the knowledge to shape your desire service
Artificial intelligence
The quality of our AI service is in our Telegram bots
General service
Educational & entertainment tools are the general services we decided to release
Idea repositories
We have some great ideas and they will be available sooner or later by anyone
social media
We share news, scientific contents and nearest to be held events
Sometimes societies need to develop themselves by education; we help too!

Which service is available for order?

  • Music for teasers, films & games!
  • Visualization services by the Unity Engine
  • Web design, UI design & pure CSS design
  • Logo design, international logo classes or graphic design
  • Game development and its dependent services
  • Software development on windows & UWP
  • AI, Telegram bot and internal bots services
  • Mobile development for IOS and Android
  • Advising to grow or manage your business
  • Web base software development

This part of our website is updating daily and sometimes hourly to prevent our customers waste their time to contact us if we were too busy to work on their orders.
It`s a little part of our respects to you

How can we assist your business?

Partner removes the hassle and confusion that comes from managing your tax burden effectively. Our tax services range from discrete, one-time advice to complete management and everywhere in between. Our advisors can help you to accurately lodge personal returns and Business Activity Statements (BAS) and manage dealings with the ATO on your behalf.

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We design step-by-steps with your confirmation to prevent wasting your time if any problem occurs in the middle of the project. if we are your partners, so we have to help your project to grow our business.

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If a project has not a development team, this wont be usable after some years. you can rely us as a developer partner with a great team that they are always ready to answer your requirements.

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Our Skills

This skills are based on the combination skills of our members and are some variable values because of the earned experience of our projects.

You can decide based on this values because we can do your orders with these quality.

User Experience

Web Design Plans

R 7 per site
  • 1 Month Support
  • Management Panel or CMS
  • Template Design
  • Project Development
R 30 per site
  • 5 Month Support
  • Template Design
  • Management Panel or CMS
  • Project Development
R 100 per site
  • 1 Year support
  • Template Design
  • Management Panel or CMS
  • Project Development
Call us per site
  • 2 Year support
  • Template Design
  • Management Panel or CMS
  • Project Development
Costs are based on millions Iranian Rials
Installment ordering is available just for professional & corporate plans
Have any question about our service? send us a message
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You can contact us simply to tell us what you need
We can help you, even we were busy to do that for you


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