Simplist Documentations

23 May, 2018

Simplist Documentations

Simplist Documentations

Remember your PHP version should be upper than 7 and the local request address should be set on:


After that, you have to set the username & table of your Database! in a local project for first use, these values should be just like this:



    Username: root

    Password: Empty

    ( without value or an empty string)

You can change these values by going to Model layer and change them in Database.phtml in Connection folder, or go to this address:


Note: There is a SQL Table file in “Resources” folder that you can easily import it to your local or online MySQL database

Until you`re working on local a working directory, the HTTPS protocol is turned off,
but if you want to upload it on your server, the HTTPS protocol can be turned on by making the  SecureProtocol true in the Middleware list,
 at the Important Folder you can find a Security file, or go to this address:


You can change the  $this->CoreSecurity->SecureProtocol(false);  to $this->CoreSecurity->SecureProtocol(true);

It`s completely installed and ready for use.