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Story of good friends that made a local service
for worldwide goals

2 years ago, when I heard about " Microsoft Azure " and its incredible services, I was thinking how great it would be if there was a local service similiar to " Microsoft Azure " to reduce crashing , lagging and losing data.
There was no way to use this platform because there was no foundation of this services in Iran, and then I decided to create something like that for local usage, after one year I found out this service won`t work correctly if it won`t be a global service, then I decided to develop this idea for everyone and everywhere of the world.
This was a good chance for me to present myself and keep trying to bring most new and flexible cloud service, then I asked my friends to help me.
We are at the begining of the road and will keep trying to bring this service to your computers.


Milad Xandi, CEO of eastCloud


eastCloud in Aparat

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